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BMW Announces First of Its Kind "IX Flow" Car

BMW made news this week when the automotive giant announced their IX Flow concept car.

The main allure of the announcement stems from the fact that BMW has developed technology that is capable of the car’s exterior changing colors in a split second. That’s right. Pretty cool.

The concept car allows the driver to change the color from black to white depending on their mood. It also allows for the preservation of electricity through doing so.

While there is no set date just yet to add the IX Flow to BMW’s fleet, the auto company is the first in the world to officially announce such capability. They have also stated that technology is being developed to be able to change the interior of the vehicle as well.

To me, this is big news. While I have never imagined something like this, I would not be surprised if other auto corporations follow suit shortly. Think of it as a fashion statement. You can now customize your car whenever you want. Similar to changing your outfit depending on your mood on a given day.

How long before we see similar technology coming to the iPhone, laptops, or even our homes?

The world of ever changing colors for our gadgets is upon us…


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