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Planes, Trains & Cars: The Future

Happy Sunday! Today we’re going to dive into one of the key elements of civilization: Transportation.

I want to briefly highlight three methods: cars, planes, and trains.


The automobile has undergone significant technological advancements over the past decade.

I am aware that I already wrote an article focusing on Tesla and the potential of self-driving cars in the future.

While it may take a while for society to get comfortable with the changes, self-driving (electric) cars are going to happen. It’s just fact.

They’re already here, and the technology is only skyrocketing.

How long before it's illegal to drive your car manually?

Below is an interesting article examining the future of Google’s self-driving car:


Do yourself a favor and look up “Supersonic Flight” on YouTube. Wild stuff.

Supersonic flight essentially means that an aircraft travels at or above the speed of sound.

Ridiculously fast.

If you’ve ever flown to Europe, you’re well aware of the many arduous hours spent in the air waiting to get to your destination.

Supersonic flight lessens that time significantly. What if I told you that you could fly from New York to London in under three hours? Well, that option was, at one point, open to the public.

The airline company Concorde launched their fleet of supersonic planes decades ago. Unsurprisingly, it was a hit. Fast, fancy, and otherworldly.

Unfortunately, due to mechanical issues, Concorde finances, and the expense of a ticket, the company shut down the fleet in 2003.


Have no fear, though. I predict that supersonic flight will be back soon. It could even become the norm. Exciting stuff.

Admittedly, I didn’t even know these capabilities existed. Crazy stuff we are capable of.


Ever elected to ride the train as a way to get to your travel destination? Admittedly, it is pretty underwhelming. Trains in America also seem to be so slow compared to other nations.

But.. similar to supersonic flight.. it seems as if the bullet train is the future of rail systems.

Check out this article below. While the infrastructure and technology may take a bit longer to perfect, this could be a groundbreaking (rumbling) improvement.

You could literally live in New York and go grab lunch in Boston. Pretty cool stuff.


While we didn’t delve deep into either of the three topics, my goal here was to give you a brief overview of the future of transportation.

Hopefully, in doing so, I generated some excitement.

The technology that is being developed for all three methods of transportation is not only exciting but life-changing.

Similar to how COVID-19 changed the landscape of Corporate America (probably forever) by going virtual, this stuff mentioned above will change life as we know it.

Imagine having a job in London but living in Boston and commuting twice a week on supersonic flight.

Imagine living in Chicago but working in Pittsburgh and taking the 45-minute train ride in daily.

These things will happen. It’s just a matter of time. Technology is truly a wonderful thing.


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