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Atsap, LLC

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213 Smithfield St. Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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Let's Build Together

Our History

Our Company

Who are we?

Since 2017, we have been turning our customers’ dreams into reality. We proudly deliver software development services that provide our customers and our community the tools necessary for sustained growth. We are committed to being leaders in a vast array of areas across the ever-changing software industry. Most importantly, we are committed to building long-lasting relationships and bringing continued success to ourselves, our partners and our customers.

Our vision

Atsap’s primary objective is to invest in people. We pride ourselves in our ability to take an idea or concept and bring it to life! We do so by prioritizing our clients and engaging with them to the fullest extent, allowing us to build a fully customizable product that fits our client’s needs. 

Our values

Each and every business has its secret ingredients to success. It starts and ends with what they believe in and how they conduct themselves.The following values are engraved into every single member of our company, and consistently reinforced by our partners and customers.


We commit ourselves to the client first, ALWAYS. You are not just a number, you are the priority.


We invest in people, simple as that. We put the utmost trust in everyone we do business with.


At Atsap, we encourage free flowing ideas. We heavily emphasize a flexible working environment, allowing our team members to be as creative as possible.

Our Team

Antonino Febbraro

Founder & CEO

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Collin Dreher

Founder & CTO

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James Gabriel

Founder & Chief Business Advisor

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