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You Don't Need a Million $ to Build an App

Have you ever had a great app idea and then thought to yourself - "this is going to cost a fortune to make"? While this is true, depending on what your app does it can be very expensive to create. However, you don't always need to have a ton of money on hand to bring your idea to life!

Here at Atsap we focus on helping our clients bring their app and software ideas to life in a way that works for them and their budget. Here are some of the ways that we help our clients bring their app ideas to life when they do not have a large budget.

1.) Clickable Prototypes: When a client has a great idea, but the app or software is going to require some funding to get developed and to operate it, we suggest developing a clickable prototype.

We develop these for our clients all the time. In fact, before we write any line of code, we develop the clickable prototype first so that our clients can approve the design and layout and also so that our development team knows exactly what to develop.

Likewise, when a client is on a tight budget or they are looking to acquire some funding - we suggest having us develop a clickable prototype for them. The reason being, is that it allows them to have a tangible and visual aid to show to people that will help explain their app and what it does. More importantly, it allows they to now have something tangible that they can show to possible investors. Thus, allowing them to potentially get funding to develop their full app or software.

2.) Bootstrapping: Yes, we have all heard this term when starting a new business. So think of it this way, developing a new app or a new software is starting a new business! So bootstrapping this business anyway that is possible is going to help decrease your budget.

Instead of paying someone to design your app icon, try designing it yourself. Or maybe take a course on graphic design and give it a shot on your own! In fact, check out some of our other blogs and podcasts here at Atsap to learn new skills and tips about app development and entrepreneurship to get some other ideas on how to bootstrap your app idea.

3.) Start Small: Sometimes when we come up with a great app idea we focus on the end result and not the beginning. Remember, before Snapchat had stories, ads, and shows - it only had the ability to send photos for three seconds to a single user at a time.

So start small, focus on one (or a few important) main feature when you first launch. This is another way to bootstrap the launch of your app idea. Because once you have your app launched, you can always add new features to it as updates.

Also, once you are launched, you will have a better gauge of customer engagement and that will help persuade you to make better decisions on what other features are needed. It also is a great way (if you have a lot of user engagement) to attract investors with - to help push your app idea to the next level.

So bottom line, you do not need a million dollars to bring your app idea to life. Start small, plan, and bootstrap as much as you can early on. And remember, Atsap is always here to help bring you app idea from idea to product!

Let's build together!


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