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Clickable Prototypes: What's the Big Deal?

A viable product is nothing without a solid, well-thought-out design. The first stage of the design phase when creating a new product would be to sketch out ideas. While this is certainly effective, it can only go so far.

The next step would be creating specific wireframes based off of the potential architecture and user flow of the product. But even wireframes have their limitations. So where do you turn next? Your answer is simple: clickable prototypes.

What is a clickable prototype?

Clickable prototypes are interactive models of any mobile, web or desktop application. A clickable prototype is a barebones and simple way get a sense of what an application will look like.

What makes a clickable prototype different?

The purpose of a prototype is to test user experience in a manner much more interactive than can be achieved using wireframes or visual mockups. What sets a clickable prototype apart is its dynamic elements and the smooth, consistent way in which they help depict the user journey of a product.

What are the benefits?

Clickable prototypes do not always have to look like the finalized design of the application - often times far from it. However, they are undoubtably the most successfully method of design in comparison to their predecessors.

Clickable prototypes can lead to a handful of influential discoveries when it comes to the complete lifecycle of your product. Here are just a few:

  1. They are invaluable in the UI/UX creation process. They often can illustrate any shortcomings in the existing user interface or experience of the application, and allow for a smoother pivoting point.

  2. They can influence product development and app functionality. Given its interactive nature, it can often help lead to the discovery of more (or less) features that go into the product.

  3. They give you a full picture of what the application is going to look like in its completed stage. It is hard to truly capture this effect with static mockups and wireframes.

Can I afford it?

Yes! The beauty of clickable prototyping is that it comes at a fraction of the cost of development. Creating a full functional prototype will not only give you a good idea of what the completed application will look like, but it also allows you to show it to your friends, peers, and even investors. You can actually get REAL funding from just a prototype.

A clickable prototype is not only something you can afford, but it is something you should always consider before developing an application of any type.

Where can I get one?

Luckily for you, we specialize in clickable prototypes. The Atsap Clickable Prototypes are the crux of our design process. We hardly will ever create application designs for our clients that do not involve prototyping.

At Atsap, we pride ourselves on creating cohesive relationships with our clients. We give people the time of day, no matter how small the idea or how small the budget may be. It is imperative that we help out clients visualize their ideas before we actually develop it for them. To do so, we take advantage of the most interactive method of the design process - the clickable prototypes! What better way to give people a tangible look at what their idea will be when it comes to life?

Do you have an idea and need help turning it to a reality? Book an appointment with us today (for FREE !!). Why wait around?

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