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Three Tips to Ensure Your App Idea is Secure

Have a good App Idea that you’re trying to keep under wraps? Unsure how to navigate the waters in such a marketplace?

These days, apps have arguably become the main sidekick to invention ideas.

Sidenote: While endless entrepreneurial opportunities have still yet to be created, imagine going back to 2006/2007 at the brink of when the iPhone was unveiled. Imagine all the app ideas you could have created if you knew how essential the App Store would end up becoming.

I’ll give myself a pass on missing out on that. I was in grade school at the time. But you elders should look back on that time period as a missed opportunity.

I am going to go through a few simple measures that you can take to lessen the probability your idea gets snatched:

Copyright: Yes, this can be a pain in the ass sometimes. On average, a copyright takes 3 months to get approved. While the legal complications with securing one can sometimes cost a pretty penny, (other times not depending on complexity of idea) it is worth it. A copyright makes you legit, and ensures potential problems in the future cease to exist.

NDA: If you are working with a developer on your idea, make those people sign an NDA. It just makes sense. That way if they think the idea has the potential to be lucrative, they legally cannot let your million dollar idea slip out to their friends after a few frosty beverages on the weekend.

Trademark: More legal jargon here. Trademark both your app and logo. This will guarantee that no one can copy you with a similar app after yours has hit the market. A sleek, attention-grabbing logo can also go a long way in terms of branding.

Now, I’m not gonna lie. I’m far from an expert when it comes to this stuff.

However, all of the steps I just recounted do make sense if you are seriously looking into creating an application.

The world is a cold place, sometimes. So when those app-stealing nitwits come out of the woodwork to cause a ruckus, you’d better be prepared.

Read this short little blog that details just how to go about some of the things discussed here, you won’t regret it:


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