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Tech & The Big Game

Last week’s Super Bowl ended in familiar fashion for us millennials: Tom Brady emerging victorious.

At this point you can’t help but marvel at the man’s longevity. The end isn’t even in sight.

Alas.. this is not a sports blog but a tech blog. So let’s tie in some tech with sports and last week’s Super Bowl.

Here is an article previewing some of the tech happenings at last week’s Super Bowl:

5G is mentioned, of course.

As I have pointed out in a previous article months ago, this 5G thing that so many networks are pushing isn’t exactly all it is hyped up to be... just yet.

While the biggest networks like Verizon and AT&T touted 5G leading up to the big game, I just fail to understand the point of it all if the capabilities are still a long way away from working seamlessly in an everyday environment.

A Fortnite event also took place through Twitch. This allowed gaming enthusiasts to tune in to watch some of the world’s top gamers and football players duel it out over the console. See earlier article on the rise of Esports.

The NFL Mobile App also partnered with Verizon to give fans at the actual event access to seven different unique cameras within the stadium.

As we see on TV every Sunday, players are constantly analyzing their plays from the previous drive on Microsoft tablets. Why the hell aren’t they iPads? I couldn’t tell you one person I know who has a Microsoft tablet.

My point is: all of this is cool, but nothing is groundbreaking just yet with tech and sports. I have a few ideas.

For starters, what about the first down chains? Doesn’t it seem a bit odd to you guys that actual humans handle the first down sticks and have to run onto the field and measure close calls to determine what is a first down? Usually the measurement comes down to inches.

Why isn’t there technology in the football itself, or on player’s body, to measure this? Soon come, maybe.

Finally, I look forward to a day where we can take in a football game from our couches as if we were actually on the field. VR on the football field. Picture being Pat Mahomes and feeling as if you were REALLY being chased by all of those defensive linemen.

How cool would that be? Even non-sports fans would be hooked.

We can’t be that far away. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions below!



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