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The Rise of Esports

Today I am going to talk about the rise of “Esports”. Perhaps a better word instead of rise would be BOOM.

Esports refers to the video game competition between two professional video gamers, and the audience that witnesses it. While playing one another online in video games has long been a phenomenon, professionals playing in front of one another to a large crowd is a relatively new concept.

To be honest, while Esports’ rise to prominence is inarguable, I would argue that being a video game professional doesn’t qualify you as an elite “athlete”, or an athlete at all for the matter. I have nothing against these gamers reeling in the big bucks. Something just seems a bit strange with the whole arrangement. People really want to sit there and watch video gamers move around a control stick? Apparently 453 Million people do. And its only growing… just check out this article:

When one takes a deeper dive, it is easy to see why Esports is becoming so popular. One benefit Esports has is that is it more inclusive than other sports. By this I mean that while other sports may be dominated by one sex or a certain body type, Esports allows for virtually (no pun intended) a level playing field.

This extends to its accessibility. There is no such thing as equipment in Esports to drive up the cost. Spending money on gas to go to games? No need as every game can be played and watched in the comfort of your living room.

Financially, Esports is becoming an increasingly lucrative market. It is no secret that the majority of their audience is young professionals: individuals in their late teens and early 20’s.

I am personally fascinated that Esports has risen to such great heights. It is something I have little to no interest in: watching others play video games. However, it is apparent that I am in the minority. Esports is here to stay, and is a great example of the power and future of technological advancement within our great country.


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