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Snow Tech

As we are in the middle of this frosty winter, I figured I would write a weather-related tech article.

I recently read an article, attached below, stating that the salt that neighborhoods use to pave roads during the frigid months is detrimental to the ecosystem. While not surprising, there is a great technological tool available to no longer make you a snow shovel warrior on your own property.

Heated snow mats. That’s right. Simple enough. Put these mats out before that big ass snowstorm hits and avoid the hassle of shoveling. Not only will you save time and sweat, but you will also avoid potentially damaging your property (and the ecosystem) by going this route.

It isn’t shocking that this technology exists. But what is shocking is that it isn’t more mainstream. The revelation of the heated snow mat got me thinking: how much longer until cars become equipped with exterior heaters? In one of my recent articles I wrote about BMW coming out with a concept car that changes colors.

Is it outlandish to predict that snow will completely seize to exist on our roadways, driveways, and cars thanks to the development of automated products? Time will tell. Next Christmas I may just ask Santa for an electric snow mat.


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