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Holograms: Finally Feasible?

Holograms are coming to life. That’s right. No more silly looking 3D glasses necessary.

Those things that we’ve seen for decades in 3D movie theaters. Think of a dinosaurs popping out from the movie screen seemingly about to snatch you up.

This exact technology is finally being brought to life thanks to Light Field Lab.

Light Field Lab is working on a technology called “SolidLight”.

If the company succeeds, SolidLight will be the first hologram that transcends the screen and enters into real life as any other object would appear. Pretty gnarly stuff.

Example of Light Field Lab's SolidLight Technology.

Look how cool that photo from the article above looks. What you see there is the future.

To explain this incredibly complicated technology to you all in simple man terms, Light Field Lab is attempting to cause waves of light to interact at a specific point that will be visible to the human eye.

As you read in the article above, many pixels will be in play to ensure that science comes to fruition.

We have written here before about AppleGlass, an Apple product that is rumored to be in the works. Undeniably, this technology is cutting-edge and has the potential to change the game at some point in the near future.

But what makes the holograms being developed by SolidLight arguably more intriguing is that all you would need is your naked eye to see them.

While this technology is far from being a finished product, it appears more than promising.

Perhaps we will circle back in the months to come… stay tuned.


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