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Augmented Reality: The Future Is Near

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

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Apple rules the tech world and many of our lives. I’m using a MacBook Air to type this right now. Since the initial release of the iPhone over a decade ago (13 years to be exact), the world fiends for the newest release of their signature device. Heck, by this point I’m willing to bet I’ve gone through eight or nine iPhones. Desktops, Laptops, Phones, Watches, Tablets, Earphones. You name it, Apple has (successfully) churned it out. It isn’t uncommon for even the average middle class American to have well over a few thousand dollars worth of Apple products to their name.

Enter the Apple AR Glasses. While this gadget is just a rumor as of now, the glasses are intriguing and deserve worthy of some chatter. Before we delve into this any further, you may be asking yourself what AR stands for. Have no fear, I Googled it: Augmented Reality.

You may also be asking what the difference between virtual and augmented reality is. Once again, have no fear, I have Googled this for you as well. According to an article linked below from

You're familiar with the concept of virtual reality, right? Popping on a headset and having software transport you to an interactive, 360-degree, left, right, up, down, all-encompassing virtual world?

Augmented reality works a bit like that but with one big difference. Rather than giving a window into an invented world, it uses either screens or transparent lenses to place digital items on top of the real world around you”.

So that’s pretty damn cool. Want to see what the weather will be like tomorrow without taking a break from cooking? Tomorrow’s forecast will instantly appear on your kitchen wall. Piece of furniture catch your eye but not quite sure it will mesh with your current décor? Fear not, simply place it right in the damn room before buying it... thanks to AR. Need some extra motivation to finish that grueling run? Now you can literally place a finish line for you to cross. The possibilities are endless.

This video below describes the rumors about the glasses better than I can. It also has this cool deal where if you watch it and subscribe with your email, you will get 15% off these Apple AR Glasses if and when they come out. I totally made that up, but still watch the video, it’s only five minutes…

Although nothing official has been released as of yet, it is widely speculated that “Apple Glass” will hit the market at some point over the next three years.

Apple is undoubtedly innovative. I believe people gravitate to Apple products for their simplicity and sleek designs. It is so easy to navigate any Apple device. User-friendly. This simplicity extends to the design. Apple products feel great in your hands.

The world is hooked on Apple like a hard drug. We are always looking for that next update or model to come out. Apple AR Glasses will usher in a new era of advanced technology. A new era not only for Apple but perhaps the world. What will this lead to in the future? Will consumers buy into it, or be skeptical? Regardless, it will certainly be interesting to see the world through an Apple lens.


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