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Formula 1: Shaping The Future

You may be surprised to know that the technology of Formula 1 racing and astounding energy efficiency of its cars is considered unparalleled in the world.

I myself didn’t know too much about Formula 1 until I recently read this article:

And you should too ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

To be completely honest, I have never really watched Formula 1 besides stumbling upon a Netflix show covering the Monaco Grand Prix – a premiere event that takes place annually in Monte Carlo.

After watching, the sheer speed of the cars, energy oozing from the event and all around beauty of the surroundings makes you want to put it on your bucket list to attend.

So, as the article above details, these blazing racecars have improved their energy efficiency by 10% over a mere four-year period. These cars save over 50% of the energy that would normally be lost to heat after combustion.

That is simply astounding, so the experts say.

Formula 1 is so far ahead that it is even setting the trend for other sports: sailing, cycling and bobsleigh... to name a few.

The really cool thing is this: these cars are not only fast as hell and conserve energy, but are also quite literally saving lives.

The data systems in these vehicles monitor and so precisely know their vehicles that doctors have began using them to monitor patients in the operating room and intensive care units. Pretty damn cool.

Also, with the threat of climate change and fuel emissions becoming marquee in society, it isn’t outlandish to say that Formula 1 is helping in this area as well.

Many say Formula 1 is one of the fastest growing sports in America. You can see why.

Who knows what Formula 1 cars will be capable of in the future?

With the track (no pun intended) they’re on, the sky is the limit.


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Jul 02, 2021

Interesting, informative and well written.

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