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Augmented Reality: The Future of Taking in Sport

Months ago I wrote a bit about Augmented Reality and the potential of the release of Apple Glass.

Last evening, I began thinking of the potential with AR in relation to sports.

In case you need a refresher, Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of the real world through the use of digital technology.

For instance, Apple Glass would appear to be a normal set of eye glasses while in actuality they give you the capability to be preparing dinner while also watching a game or looking at the weather in the the corner of the lens.

Hopefully that made some sort of sense. If not, look it up for yourself.

So, back to sports.

The other day I got really excited thinking about the potential capabilities of watching sports through AR from a fan’s perspective.

I believe that even within the next decade, taking in an event from your couch via AR may become a hotter commodity than being at the event itself.

Let me explain why, sport by sport:

Baseball: Imagine being able to select any seat in a baseball stadium to take in a game from the seat of your couch. It will be like you’re at the stadium without being there. While this is intriguing, I myself would still rather physically be at the game.

But that’s not all. Imagine if every player on the field wore an incredibly small camera that captured both sound and video. While athletes may not be so enthused by this, it is my belief that over time they will give in based off of the financial incentives offered to them.

If each player were contractually obligated to wear a camera (insect sized) then just imagine the possibilities. You could literally be in your home and pick which player you want to essentially become. Want to feel like you’re playing first base for the Yankees? Done. Want to really see what a 99MPH fastball looks like in an MLB batters box? This technology isn’t far off and will change the way sports are watched.

Hockey: Same thing as above. Take in any game you want right up against the glass. Sit on the bench. See the game through the very eyes of your favorite player.

Football: See how Tom Brady analyzes the field in the pocket or a star cornerback covers a receiver.

Soccer: A lot of people love soccer. But I hate it. So I will leave this blank.

My main point here is that there are endless possibilities with the Augmented Reality and Sports pairing.

Perhaps this will be an even hotter commodity than going to the game itself. Major dollars at play here.

Soon come.


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Jul 01, 2021

Exciting. Well done.

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