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Apple Vs. Epic: Update

Apple CEO Tim Cook testified in court last week in the ongoing Epic Games vs. Apple trail.

Turns out, this thing is a pretty big deal. So big, in fact, that I have already written one article about it many moons ago.

I will also write another once the verdict is reached here shortly. Perhaps within a few days.

My old article on Apple vs. Epic can be found here:

General Summary

Epic games is suing Apple on the basis that they have a stranglehold on the App economy.

This suit is arguably the largest of its kind in over two whole decades.

Essentially, Epic games is claiming that they are fed up and that it is unlawful for Apple to have a monopoly over the App store.

As it stands now, every living person or developer must to go through Apple in order to be approved to publish their App ideas.

Epic games seeks the freedom to do whatever it wants.

Side note: App may be short for Application, but have you ever thought it was strange that we call these things “Apps” and it is run by APPle?????

But, as we have spoken about in the past, for better or worse Apple is king. Not only do they control the App network, but they also take up to 30% commissions for all App purchases!

Big bucks.

This could be a big big big deal if Apple were to lose. Apple would no longer be able to control the market.

So who is in the right? Who is in the wrong? It isn’t so clear just yet.

What we do know is that the Judge presiding over the case has asked both Tim Cook and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney some tough questions. Perhaps in an attempt to make the two billionaires feel uneasy and question the validity of their arguments.

What does this mean? A legal scholar from University of Pennsylvania provided a great quote in this Washington Post article below:

He believes that sometimes judges employ this sort of technique to get both sides to feel uneasy enough to come to a settlement.

This would seem to make sense. If Apple has even the smallest doubt they could lose, they would settle.

As fascinating as it would be for Apple to fight to the end and await a verdict, the more likely scenario is that a settlement agreement will be reached.

More to come on this soon… please chime in with your thoughts.


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