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The Epic Games Vs. Apple Battle Continues

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Drama is brewing between Epic Games, owner of Fortnite, and Apple. Earlier this week, Apple threatened to shut off the “API” for Epic Games. What does this mean? That millions of mobile Fortnite users across the world would be without their beloved Fortnite addiction and could no longer play.

Well, sort of. As it stands currently, users who have previously downloaded the game may still continue playing. However, those who may have been interested in downloading the app will now have to wait as it is not available on the App Store.

I myself have never been a Fortnite player for fear of following in many of my friends’ footsteps… addiction. Where the game zaps up all of your free time. I am a big enough procrastinator as is. Fortnite enthusiast or not, this is still an intriguing battle.

The tides turned a bit a few days ago as Epic tweeted that Apple had given them an “indefinite extension” on their API rights. This tweet is shown below. On another note… the Fortnite Twitter account has over 11 Million followers?! That number blows my mind. It is clear there is quite the large audience for these types of games. And it’s only growing. "Nerds" are taking over.

So basically this battle is over Epic Games skipping out on giving Apple a 3% cut of their purchases within the App Store. Instead of following Apple’s guidelines, Epic decided to skirt around them and add their own direct purchase option. Thus, all hell has broken lose.

Both companies will face off in court together on September 28. It doesn’t take a genius to realize this battle is far from over.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney posted an article on Friday overviewing the situation, facts, and anti-trust legal jargon. I may someday become a lawyer. However, I am not just yet. Thus, instead of bullshitting my way through explaining, the article is linked below.

More to come on this development as these two big tech giants hash it out, I am sure…


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