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Antitrust Rumblings : Big Tech

Lawmakers unleashed a whopping antitrust proposal (actually five of them) targeting Big Tech last Friday.

While these bills did not name any companies specifically, giants like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are clearly the targets here.

What is “Antitrust”, you may be asking?

In simple terms, it is a collection of both federal and state laws that promote competition and seek to lessen any existing monopoly in a marketplace.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that with these tech giants, a monopoly exists.

By monopoly, we mean that these companies have a stranglehold on the market.

You would be wasting your time to even attempt to compete with them.

While the legislation is in its very beginning stages, if passed it could prove to be historic.

Many think that this will be a bipartisan effort similar to that of the 1800’s railroad monopoly.

Bipartisan political efforts seem to be rare these days. But make no mistake, our government works best the more both sides work together. Therefore, I would like to think that this would be viewed through a positive lens by the general public.

It really seems like tech is a driving force of unification in government these days. Consider my previous article on the recent UFO development.


Let’s take a gander at what this could mean for Google… if this were to come to fruition:

One proposal would make it so when we search for videos on Google, the company could no longer promote YouTube as a main option.

This opens up the floodgates for startups and other similar companies like Google to make their marks.

While this is just getting underway, it is definitely something to keep an eye on, as it will potentially have HUGE ramifications on big tech.


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