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The Aliens Are Coming...

Updated: May 24, 2021

Roughly a week ago I stumbled upon this 60 Minutes clip on UFO’s (pls watch):

Yikes!! So after all these years and all these jokes, turns out this stuff is real. UFO’s exist. And it’s like no one is even blinking an eye. Weird.

Even Obama confirmed this stuff is real.

Watch the video above, please. Please. I have been whacked out about this stuff ever since I pressed play on the above video.

We (I) DEMAND answers! The government has no choice but to produce a report on this development at some point this June, thanks to this requirement being a part of the COVID-19 Bill.

Not to get political, but it seems like this UFO (or UAP as it is formally known) is something that both sides of the political sphere can rally behind.

How cool would it be if Aliens ended up helping our country heal this major divide we find ourselves in.

But in actuality, as the very smart man in the video says, we don’t know for sure these are aliens. They could be our technology, or other nations like Russia or China.

Some of the stuff disclosed in the video is WILD. Strange looking objects traveling at over 13,000 MPH?! It’s real. The government has confirmed it.

I guess they damn well could be aliens. So what does the government know? Those rascals need to disclose what they’ve been supposedly hiding under wraps for years and years.

The revelation of what these things turn out to be could change the outlook of the world forever. The technology on these things, whatever they are, is so far advanced that it is hard to even fathom. It begs the question, just how far can we push our technology? And how far is too far?


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