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Zoom Improvement

Progress is being made to improve virtual applications for remote work meetings for applications such as Zoom.

Read this article:

It certainly makes a lot of sense. We have progressed at a rapid rate speaking from a technological standpoint. Yet, as the article points out, Zoom currently only amplifies one person’s voice at a time (the person speaking).

This seems to be some Stone Age type stuff. Like how in the world has the technology not been developed to have more of an actual conversation with dialogue from multiple parties at the same time over Zoom?

Someone needs to get crackin’ on this, & ASAP.

One thing is for sure: the virtual workplace is here to stay. There are virtually (no pun intended) no downsides to it.

Sure, there is an element of collaboration that is lost by not being physically in the office. But the pros outweigh the cons: No commute, no rent, & better quality of life.

This is not to say that the physical workplace will cease to exist. It is my opinion that a happy medium is what is best for corporate America.

Sure, you do lose some of the collaborative aspect by meeting virtually. But while one may not feel as connected to their fellow employees, perhaps the performance anxiety of giving a presentation on zoom lessens significantly to that of giving one in an office.

This means that there will be a lot of money shelled out to companies that are able to revolutionize the virtual workplace through advancements such as the one alluded to above.

It is really amazing how the workplace has seemingly changed forever due to COVID. Who knows how it may function even a decade down the line..


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