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The World's Smartest Mask?

Today I am here to show you guys a cool new gadget rumored to hit the market: a technologically savvy face mask.

That’s right. Gaming company Razor has a prototype out for what they call the “world’s smartest face mask”.

Let’s take a look at some of the features:

1- Crisp Ventilation: The mask is said to formulate & process air particles in a fashion enables you to exhale warm air and inhale cooler, crisper air. Sounds groovy.

2- Microphone: The mask has a built in microphone to further amplify and enhance the clarity of your voice. Doesn’t it suck when your voice is muffled by your annoying ass mask? Fear no more.

3- Visual Clarity: The mask is clear around your mouth. This makes it easier for people to make out and understand what you are spewing out under your mask. It even pairs with the lighting in the room, so no matter the darkness... your mask and motions of your mouth will be clearly visible.

Now, there are some obstacles to consider here. Namely the fact that the product has yet to even hit the market. While the mask is undoubtedly an interesting and innovative concept, with the vaccine waiting in the wings… perhaps the ideal time to place this item on the market has passed?

Furthermore, what about price? While there is seemingly no rumored amount the product would cost, how much would you be willing to pay for this gadget?

Who knows how much longer this pandemic could go on. Masks are a big part of the lives we are currently living. Perhaps the public would jump at the opportunity to own cutting-edge, fashionable technology.

On the other hand, perhaps not. One could make the argument that normal medical masks are just fine. Additionally, do we really know the details regarding the safety of the product? Razor can claim whatever they want, but it doesn’t exactly make it true.

I would love to know your thoughts both about the mask and also regarding any other innovative products rumored to hit the market as a result of COVID-19.

While we are living in a strange and unfortunate time, it is also ripe for entrepreneurs. In the future, perhaps we will look back at this time as one that was particularly good for technological innovation.

Stay well.


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