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The Rated G Version of Alexa

When you think speech recognition, what first pops into your head? Let me guess: Amazon Alexa.

Many people have become infatuated with the technology. Not only is it remarkably reliable, people seem to get a kick from interacting with the small circular device.

By people, I mean adults. Pause to think about it: most speech recognition technology is geared toward adults. Perhaps understandably so.

SoapBox, a Dublin-based startup, is deviating from that trend.

SoapBox has developed a speech recognition system geared towards children.

They have raised over $12 million in eight short years and have over 50 clients backing them.

While not officially released just yet, SoapBox is starting to garner rave reviews for their product and its potential in a variety of different realms. Many within education predict a kid-friendly speech recognition system would increase engagement levels for learning – in and out of the classroom.

There are even predictions that the technology will significantly aid a child in reading or writing a new language. Pretty cool.

SoapBox has already secured several partnerships with reputable online education programs. Among these include a New York firm Amplify and Lingumi, a UK-based English learning app.

Toy making companies have already taken notice of SoapBox. Many giants in the industry are already implementing SoapBox technology into their future plans and are keen on creating voice-enabled toys and games that would interact with the child playing with them.

Attached here is a CNN Business article that goes into further detail:

What think you about this? Upon discovering the existence of SoapBox, I felt it deserved a blog write up.

The sky seems to be the limit here for SoapBox. More to come in the near future, I am sure..


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