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The Miller Lite Cantenna

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

When we have been saying that tech is everywhere, we literally mean tech is everywhere! This weekend as the NFL began the 2020 season, with no fans you might be thinking sure, the cable companies needed to up their tech to support all the remote viewers. But what if I told you that the "new tech" for the 2020 NFL season was a beer can?

That's right! Miller Lite has created a beer can, called the Cantenna, which is an antenna made our of a beer can. Allowing football fans to stream the NFL games directly from, yeah you won't believe it... their Miller Lite beer can!

For a chance to win one of these Cantennas, visit this link here to enter. According to their website, only residents in the following states are eligible to enter the sweepstakes: CO, DC, FL, ID, LA, MS, NE, NV, NY, NC, SC, and SD

The sweepstakes is open now and ends at 11:59:59 PM CT on 10/12/20.

I am really interested in seeing if and how well this Cantenna works. It almost seems to good to be true, free football from a beer can?

However, theoretically this can work. I am just more curious as to how well this will work. Is it a stable connection? Is the streaming quality going to be good? I have not seen any videos of someone using the Cantenna, so I cannot confirm how well it works. Nor do I live in any of the above states to be able to test it out myself.

My curiosity is very intrigued by this. If anyone has any more information on this, please do share it with our community!


All information and images in this article was gathered from the sweepstakes website.

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