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The Future of the Interview

It seems as if we are trending in the direction of robots conducting interviews.


Check this article out:


I hate it.

Now sure, if a company scans your resume through a system they have to determine the bare minimum qualifications before interviewing you in person, fine.

But conducting the entire interview process without feeling that interpersonal connection with another person? No bueno, in my opinion.

Sure, one could argue this eliminates bias. But it just doesn’t seem right on so many levels.

To me, a key to a successful interview is asking questions to the interviewer. How could you possibly do this with a robot?

I was always under the impression that part of what gets you hired was the overall flow of the conversation and how the company thinks your personality may fit into their culture.

I’m sure these machines claim they can predict and analyze that, but I don’t buy it.

Human connection is everything. Especially in the workforce. You could be Albert Einstein, but it doesn’t do much good if you’re lazy and a cancer to the workplace.

It is my belief that part of human connection that needs to be preserved… even as we push forward into increasingly sophisticated technology.

I interviewed for a job about a year ago on my iPhone. A question was posed and then I had 45 seconds to record and submit it. It went terribly. I was shocked.

I just didn’t know how to act natural. The entire process was so foreign to me.

Once again, I have no problem with a large corporation using an algorithm to wean out initial candidates.

I think this is a big mistake to go beyond that.

This is, yet again, another example of the power of technology. We must be cognizant as to how we use such powers.

Is this really the road we want to go down?


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