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The Atsap Internship Experience

Updated: May 23, 2021

Hey guys! My name is Juan! I'm a senior in high school helping out as an intern for the Atsap Team. Working for the guys behind the scenes has shown me so much about the tech industry and evolved my interests in software development.

The very first day, I began learning about the techniques they utilize to assure efficiency, quality, and keep progress. The several platforms for creation and communication that are used was overwhelming at first, but after seeing the networking of tasks and hierarchies throughout the work space, everything made sense. They brought me in and showed me things like Git that can house source code or things like Asana that allow teams to work collaboratively on projects. This process quickly spoke for itself showing how effective it really was. They also gave me the opportunity to see how each project was tailored and done to ensure everything was always working through levels of debugging and development. This was what really caught my attention, seeing the work of a professional at these stages has driven my motivation for a future in computer science even further than I could have thought. Everything offered to me, from the project planning, to intricate coding, to debugging processes has made my interests grow substantially.

Overall, this experience has been something I could have only dreamed of and now I have been living it the last months. I have gained a perspective on the business and technical side of the computer science field and it has been the best I could have asked for, especially in these times of covid we are living through. I couldn’t be more thankful for what I have learned and everything that is to come in the rest of our time working together. More importantly, thank you to the guys at Atsap for being the most flexible and down to earth people to work with.


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