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Technology and Its Impact on Exercise

Technology is ever changing in its impact on our daily lives, and most of the time its advances are for the better. Technology and its many devices provide integrative ways to convenience our lives, social connections, jobs, and much more. Specifically, one major aspect of technology that seems to be growing more than ever before is technology's impact on personal goals and achievement, such as exercise.

Due to technology's advancing unification with exercise, it has become possible for people to more easily and successfully achieve their personal fitness goals. We continuously see gyms becoming more advanced with technology, whether that be through more efficient equipment, online class options, or mobile apps that track personal records and keep people in sync with their goals; there are many ways in which technology has proved itself to be quite necessary for exercise nowadays. Furthermore, technology has also undoubtedly made people, whether they are beginners and experts, feel as though they are reaching the highest potential there is. This is possible through exercise-based technology that can be found outside of a gym membership. For example, the Apple Watch or the well-known and highly-talked-about Peloton bike. Both of these technologies are programmed and designed to be extremely personal. Their unique feature of customization for their users allows people to optimize their workout experience and reach peak performance in both a comfortable and efficient way.

From another perspective, technology has changed the way people work out in groups for the better too. During the COVID-19 pandemic, working out with strangers in a large group class felt like a forbidden activity of the past. To keep this normalcy alive in our culture for those who enjoyed it and were used to it, technology stepped in. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms adapted ways to record live video classes and post them online for people to follow in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Overall, technology in its various forms: social media, interactive exercise equipment, online videos, activity trackers, smart devices, or whatever it may be has removed restrictions for people to optimize their exercise habits and routines. No matter what level of expertise you have when it comes to exercising, the endless options we have to combine technology with our workouts effectively enhance the efficiency of our exercise routines. All that truly matters is that you find the best form of technology-based exercise that works for you and your personal goals!


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