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Sports & The Pandemic

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Bossman inferred that it may be a good idea to follow up last week’s Snowden post with an article striking the same chord: privacy in the tech community.

Then my roommate and I had a glass of wine. Maybe two.

Back and forth the conversation went. Before too long the road led to the topic of sports. Professional sports.

Sports and the virus.

Sports and finance.

Baseball was the primary topic of conversation, albeit this may apply to all major leagues in the US&A.

What the majority of the conversation centered upon was how MLB owners allocated their funds.

As evident by the source above, over 20 MLB team owners are worth over a billion dollars.

It is common knowledge that the job market these days is barren. Perhaps no worse than in the sports world, where the narrative is that teams are losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to fans not being in the stands.

And I believe that.

But there is something that just doesn’t add up. If over 66% of owners are worth over a billion dollars, would it not be the ethical thing to do to take a hit of 100 or so million dollars to preserve the image of your organization? Not to mention the well-being and financial stability of your employees?

Perhaps I am not getting something here. If I am not, I welcome critique of this article.

If you were worth 2 Billion and owned a lucrative sports franchise in the midst of a global pandemic, would you not sacrifice 200 Million to do the right thing? Heck, it could even pay off in the long run from a PR perspective.

I have no problem with executives being asked to take pay cuts. But letting go of long standing employees and getting rid of interns seems a bit much-- especially when a franchise is valued @ well over a billion dollars.

I feel for the employees in the sports industry who lost their jobs to unfortunate circumstances due to the pandemic.

I am a glass half full type of guy; however, and I do believe that the future is bright.

Perhaps stadiums will be at full capacity once again as soon as July/August.

Wouldn’t that be a glorious day… not only for employees, but also for the spirit of our country.

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