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iPhone Tips & Tricks: Never Miss Another Birthday Text

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We have all experienced the following scenario in one way or another. You wake up, and right away you have a hectic morning. You barely eat lunch and you get home way after dinner ends. You finally get one moment to yourself and then it hits you.......

You forgot to text your long distant girlfriend happy birthday.

While I cannot help you rekindle your relationship, I can maybe give you a quick iPhone trick to ensure that you never miss your significant other's birthday ever again.

Let's talk about scheduling automated texts.

On your iPhone you are going to want to open up the Shortcuts app

The next thing you want to do is to create a new shortcut, that we will call "Birthday Text". To create this shortcut, follow the steps below.

Once you open the Shortcuts app, click the plus button to create a new shortcut.

Then, click the "Add Action" button

Next, click "Apps" then select the messaging app

Next you will want to customize your birthday message to your girlfriend, and then... the most important part.... make sure you select to send it to your girlfriend!

Lastly, give the Shortcut a name so that you can reference it in your automation.

Now, let's automate this shortcut!

Back in the Shortcut app, at the bottom, select the automation tab.

Create a new automation by selecting the plus button and then the "Create Personal Automation" button.

Next, select "Time of Day" for your automation.

Make sure you select Daily.

Click the next button, and then add a new action.

Select the "Scripting" action.

In the scripting action, select the "IF" action.

In the "IF" action, for the "Input" tab, select "Current Date"

And then for the "Condition" tab select "Is Exactly"

NEXT, is the MOST IMPORTANT PART: make sure for the date tab you select your girlfriend's birthday!

Also, make sure that the time of the date you select matches the time that you selected the daily automation to run each day.

Lastly, click the plus button to add a new action below, and select the Shortcuts app.

Select the birthday text shortcut you created in the beginning of this tutorial.

LASTLY, make sure you turn off the "Ask Before Running" checkbox!!!! This will ensure that the automation runs automatically.

And there you have it! Never again will you forget your significant other's birthday!

Keep in mind, this can be used not only for birthdays but, for anniversaries, or any other important dates in your relationship! You're welcome!


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