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iPhone 12

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The iPhone 12 was released this week. And before I delve into a few neat features of this newly released gadget, please allow me a moment to vent about Apple and their evil yet genius plan to churn out another iPhone every damn year:

Chargers: Why the !@#$ can’t the charger just stay the same?! Apple is always switching around their charger, and that !@#$ ain’t cool! They also did this with the earphones at one point years ago.

Battery Life: At a certain point, doesn’t it feel like iPhones almost give out on you and die? Their battery life makes it so that you have no choice but to invest in yet another iPhone. It is almost as if this is by design…hmmmm it definitely is.

The Annual iPhone: There’s always something better about the new iPhone coming out compared to the last that the public just cannot resist.

My theory: Apple and their evil nitwit executives have this all perfectly planned out to a tee. These people know damn well what their next nine iPhones will look like over the course of the next nine years. They know exactly what fancy new gadget will be accompanying each one to make it sell. And we all, addicted as hell, are along for the ride while Apple laughs all the way to the bank.

End of Rant: Will this stop me from investing in Apple products? Absolutely not. I love Apple.

A few details about the product itself…

Apple is releasing the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and Mini at the same time. The Mini is a new feature to the line. While it is a smaller product, it still offers all of the same features for a lower price tag.

Apple always seems to be working on its camera, with this line of iPhones being no different. There is an apparent new night mode on every camera.

Apple claims these iPhones have an all new, sleek design. I can’t say I’m shocked there…

Finally, the phones are all have 5G capability. While I have read a few things about 5G, I am not sure I truly grasp the significance of it yet. When I do, I will perhaps write a blog post about it.

I remember when the iPhone first came out in 2007. It didn’t take long for people to become hooked. Now you’re nearly considered a loser for not owning one! I will leave you all with a thought: do we really own Apple products… or does Apple actually own us?

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