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IOS 15: A Death Sentence 4 Email Marketers

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Apple is changing their email protection policies. This means bad news for all marketing departments out there.

Thanks to modern technological innovation, email has become the primary tool to reach potential buyers. Email marketing, although highly annoying, is a game-changer in terms of drawing in attention.

You don’t have to be a marketing major to realize that the above is true. It is mere fact.

Not so long ago, Apple announced an update that targets email senders and halts them from gathering critical pieces of data about when email recipients open their messages.

iOS 15, set to be released this fall, allows users to block marketers from being able to see when they’ve opened their emails.

That’s right: A lot of email marketing is done by essentially spying on people, gathering the analytics, and delivering a pitch that is personalized for each potential client.

How is this not illegal? Seems strange. In my opinion, Apple is doing the right thing here.

Financially speaking, If these analytics are no longer available, it isn’t outlandish to see the entire email marketing industry crash for a bit. After all, their entire platform is going to be torn to shreds.

Why? Because the money is in leaking the information to advertisers which in turn pay for their ads to be placed and catch your eye.

In a Forbes article copied below, the writer makes a good point: email marketers are lazy (and creepy) if they are solely basing the interest of their product on just you opening their email.

It makes sense that there is a lot more to gauging an individual's interest than merely opening an email. For instance, perhaps you are someone who makes a point to open every email even if you don’t actually read them or study the content.

The point here is email marketers will be forced to innovate and be held to a higher standard.

While the news of iOS 15 is no bueno for the industry at the moment, It could yield highly progressive results in the future when given no other option.

Perhaps we will refer back to this blog years down the line and compare how corporations have adapted to iOS 15 and enhanced their email marketing techniques.

After all, it seems to be sink or swim.


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