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Grandma, Grandpa & Tech

A random thought entered into my mind the other day having to do with grandparents and technology.

It is an undoubtedly complex relationship between the two. Any millennial reading this post would most likely attest to the above statement.

There are basically two types of grandparents when it comes to tech: Those who embrace it & those who literally act allergic.

To be clear, this post isn’t intended to praise or bash your old geezer grandparents technological capabilities.

I just find the topic intriguing.

So many grandparents seem to be hesitant, even unwilling, to dive into the world of screens. Like it or not, screens have become a large part of our society. Yet, many elders almost act like they’re afraid to become even familiarized with tech.

Obviously, many older people are set in their ways. The technological boom that has ensued since the beginning of the century is quite literally rocket science to them.

They’re afraid of the potential dangers that technology may yield. They’re content with continuing on as they were and living a simple life. Reading a book in their rocking chair (sorry).

Then you have the minority (if I were to guess) grandparents who have bought into the modern world of tech. And that is cool, too.

Individuals are free to do and learn as they please.

However, I would argue and encourage grandparents to become more technologically-savvy for one reason: Connection to family.

While a grandparent may believe the world has gone overboard with screen usage, I’m willing to bet that their grandchild is glued to their screen 24/7. And more often than not ignoring them, in a little world of their own.

What does this mean? Less human interaction and family connectedness.

The solution? Encourage Granny and Grandpa to learn about t the benefits of technology.

By this I mean the positives that can revitalize the once great relationship they may have had but lost with their grandchild prior to the invention of smartphones.

This could be as simple as teaching your grandparent how to text, Facetime, Tweet… the possibilities are endless.

While many older people may be reluctant to give in, I urge you all to push them to do so as it will pay off.

I am in the minority in that both of my grandparents are avid texters and email forwarders. Although the four religious emails I get forwarded by each per day get a little old, I couldn’t be more grateful for their willingness to learn how to navigate a screen.

In a strange way, we have technology to thank for our relationships remaining close over the past decade.

Technology, if used correctly, is an amazing gift that can connect us in so many ways.

Tell grandma and grandpa to get textin’.

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