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Google's Very First Retail Store

Adding to the field of tech devices, Google has opened up its very first retail store. This store will allow customers to buy all types of Google products in person and/or order online and pick up their products in-store. This is located in Chelsea, New York, and opened its doors last week. While this location is the only one so far, there is no doubt that if the store does well and succeeds, it will be the first of many!

This new Google store is similar to an Apple store. Along with being able to browse and purchase Google devices, customers can also receive tech support and product help as well. However, it was an interesting decision for Google to open a retail store because, unlike Apple, the majority of Google's profits do not come from tech devices, like the Google Pixel phones, Chromebooks, and Fitbits. According to Graham and Elias (2021), over 80% of Alphabet's profits comes from Google ads, making Google's revenue in the last year $147 billion. Therefore, with Google being essentially a $150 billion advertising business, it is easy to question what the need for a retail store really is?

However, Google explained that it wanted to create a space where consumers can experience all of its devices and services in a way that teaches them how to use them all together, but in different settings. This NYC store has multiple rooms which display and exemplify different features of different Google products. For example, one room shows customers how to use the Google Pixel's night mode on the camera, where another room is called the "imagination space" and has a 17-foot glass structure that displays Google's latest technology updates and advances. (Haselton, 2021). By the sound of it, this place almost seems like an interactive Google museum!

Google was definitely smart in making this decision because although its products are not the #1 source of the company's profits, this retail store will certainly be drawing more attention to Google products. Like any good marketing scheme, this store will enable both Google consumers and non-Google consumers to receive a better look and interest in what their devices and technology have to offer.


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