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Google Now Charging For Google Photos. Sad!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Google Photos has apparently come aht and publicly stated that uploading photos to their cloud will no longer be free.

Article here:

Couldn’t expect anything less of 2020.


I have relied on Google Photos for years to cherish my photographic memories.. Something that I hold very close to my heart. Half joking, but half not.

Now they are charging money.

I am in a predicament.

I thoroughly enjoy spending an evening looking back at the many photo albums assembled in my home. Many of those albums from the good old days. These albums take you back in time. To me, this process is an incredibly soothing experience.

Over the years, naturally, photos have gone the digital route.

Old geezers are always complaining that digital photos don’t have the same value because they’ll simply disappear after a period of time.


Not with applications like Google photos. Whenever you’re feeling nostalgic, simply go on to Google photos and stroll through the years of memories you have stored. They even have facial recognition, so that shit is easy.

The good news is that this change doesn’t go into effect until June 2021. So I was able to get a few thousand photos saved before those jackals started charging for it.

Saving photographic memories and looking back on them is something that is great fun for myself, as well as many people across the planet. If you already have gone the route of Google Photos, is it worth it to continue? I would venture to say yes.


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