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Former Thernos CEO Trial Approching

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is set to take the stand in one of Silicon Valley’s biggest scandals in recent memory.

A one time promising young SV rising star. Holmes is accused of defrauding both investors and patients. Her former blood-testing startup now looks like it could have just been a farce. Sad!

The blood test essentially claimed its technology would totally change the medical industry. The hype around this was the potential and promise of performing an array of medical tests with simply one finger prick. As we now know, this was quite misleading.

The trial is expected to last nearly four whole months. Quite a doozy.

Her lawyers better study up, as it is rumored Holmes could face many a years in Federal Prison.

Holmes is expected to claim that she was pressured into defrauding clientele by former boyfriend Ramesh Balwani, who she claims was abusive toward her.

This story is just beginning to unravel. A long road seems to be ahead from a legality viewpoint.

This is just a brief summary.. more to come tomorrow.


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