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Features to Look Forward to This Fall: Apple's iOS 15 Update

As always, Apple does not take its time when it comes to updating its products. Whether it be a brand new iPhone, a bigger-sized AppleWatch, or a whole new invention, such as the AirTag, this company is always considering what is next on the agenda, what types of updates are going to benefit its consumers and they get right to work in producing it! It was just recently announced that iOS 15 will be available to Apple products this coming Fall of 2021. If you're an Apple consumer, these update releases create excitement for our everyday lives! Even if you are not, perhaps you will become one after learning about all the convenience and creativity Apple provides to its consumers via its software and products. Here's a look at some of the coolest, new features of iOS 15.

  • FaceTime: The FaceTime experience will be enhanced in many ways. Regarding quality updates, iOS 15 will make calls more natural with spatial audio and video. FaceTime will also incorporate a 'portrait mode' just as we have on the camera to get rid of the pixelated video calls! Not to mention, Apple also announced that FaceTime will now be able to extend beyond Apple devices as links can be created and sent out so that others can join via their web browser.

  • Shareplay: Shareplay will introduce many opportunities for shared experiences with loved ones and friends. Essentially, it is similar to "sharing your screen" when on a virtual ZOOM call. However, Shareplay can be used when listening to AppleMusic, watching Apple TV+, and even when using some applications, such as TikTok.

  • Redesigned Notifications: When receiving notifications, contact photos will appear along with the name of the contact. For less distraction, iPhone users can mute Apps, or choose to receive notifications at specific times of the day. What I think is the most interesting part of this update is that iOS 15 will be using AI intelligence to manage and arrange notifications by priority; the most relevant notifications will rise to the top and are based on a person's usage with apps.

  • Photos: The photos app will now have a brand new look for Memories! It will also include an interactive interface and a connection with AppleMusic that will allow you to personalize memories by adding song suggestions based on your photos.

  • Apple Wallet: In addition to being able to add cards for quick payment, iOS 15 will enable its users to add car keys and state IDs to their Apple Wallets. However, the car key is still a new feature with only a few car companies to add it keys, but still, it is a very neat and convenient updated feature to those who use it.

Along with all of these significant and rather noticeable changes, there will also be plenty of other updates to Apple products with iOS 15, making the update even more exciting! Be sure to keep a lookout for both updated features and brand new features on your Apple devices this fall.


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