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Elizabeth Holmes' (Former Theranos C.E.O.) Trail Underway

Following up with additional (bullet-pointed) details on former Theranos’ C.E.O. Elizabeth Holmes’ blockbuster trail….

· The trail is now underway

· If convicted, Holmes faces up to 20 years in prison

· Holmes' legal team argued whether Holmes was really trying to con clients or instead was just blindly ambitious and naive in her attempt for her product to succeed.

· The prosecution argued different, shockingly: they hammered home the point that Holmes was a stone-cold liar. That she was out of time and money with her product and thus resorted to lying.

· “Trying your hardest and coming up short is not a crime.” – defense.

To check out a few more quotes and perhaps a better summary than the one I just provided above, click on the link below:

You get the drift. It is just the beginning of what appears to be a long and tedious road ahead for both parties involved.

For now, to be honest, there isn’t much to write about on this trial. However, that could change. And change quick.

As the trial progresses, it will be interesting to examine the legal strategy used by both sides as well as examine some potential implications for the future of Silicon Valley due to the verdict of this mammoth case.


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