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Creating an App? A Must Read Before You Start

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Thinking of making / developing an app to cash in on your brilliant idea?

Stated below are some of the most common occurrences for why the App Store (Really Apple who takes a cut of all apps and runs the entire marketplace) rejects certain “Apps” from hitting the App Store floor.

Before we continue, I just want to state the obvious: We all know the #1 reason for app rejection already: not partnering with the brilliant & revolutionary minds at ATSAP LLC on your quest to hit it big in the world of tech.

Moving on…

It is said in this article copied below that last year alone 150,000 apps were rejected by Apple. 150,000 hopes and dreams shattered by Apple.

So, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

CopyCatApp: That’s right. Don’t think you’re gonna be sly and get your game-changing idea from an app that already exists while trying to pawn it off as something different. Apple is on the lookout for these. The odds are not in your favor.

Hardware/Software Issues: Makes sense. You want your app to be compatible on all types of platforms so users can fully enjoy the app while indulging it. You don’t want your app being presented or taken in differently to a drastic extent on varying platforms.

Privacy: You gotta call your lawyer and write up some sort of privacy policy. Even if it’s a bunch of BS. Apparently Apple does not go for apps with a goose egg in the Privacy Policy department. Take notes.

Bugs & Crashes: All of our favorite apps have seized to work at some point over the years. It sucks. App developers must be cognizant and strive for near perfection in this department; especially when the final product is being reviewed. The same goes for lagging load times and the like. That sucks, too… and Tim Apple doesn’t approve, either!

In sum, you should check out the article below as it summarizes the above much more thoroughly than I just did:

Stay well.


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