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Coding: Should It Be Required in Schools?

I recently read an an interesting article on the future of coding. The article centered upon the question of how early on a kid should learn coding in their education.

The article is attached below:

What think you?

I myself took a coding course many years ago. Unfortunately, I never gave it my all in the course and thus was never fully immersed. While I earned a decent grade in the course, I wish I (and should have) had paid more attention.

We write here a lot about the future of technology. Often about some form of robot taking over our jobs some day. Coders, in a sense, make these robots. Robots don't exist if not for human creation. Thus, it wouldn’t be outlandish to state that coding is a bulletproof skill to arm yourself with at an early age.

Our founder, Mr. Febbraro, has used his coding background to not only create the wonderful ATSAP LLC but also land him his job.

Many others have similar stories. Perhaps coding is not for you (as was the case with me), but why not give it a shot?

Furthermore, why not give kids a glance at coding at an elementary (no pun intended) level? Just to become familiar with the coding world at an early age.

To me, there are no real downsides. Coding is a large part of the future. So instead of taking cursive classes in 3rd Grade, why not introduce them to coding?

This skill, if introduced at an early enough age, could even provide significant enhancement of incredibly important life skills at an early age. Among them: problem solving, teamwork, and determination.

While it may be a while out from robots actually taking over our jobs, the usage of technology in companies across the board is skyrocketing. Protecting a company's network is more important than ever. Who does this? Cyber Security experts who know how to code in their sleep.

If you do learn to code at a young age, the sky certainly seems to be the limit. So why not make it mandatory early on in a child’s life? At the very least they will have created an in valuable skill at a young age, and contain the ability to brainstorm and create things via technology that only they can even imagine.


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