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Branded App By Wix: Making Creating Apps Possible for the Common Man

Wix, a common user-friendly website builder used by many is venturing into the App production business.

Read below:

If you’ve heard of Wix before, that’s because it is quite common. Perhaps there’s a chance you used it to throw together a simple website for a college class project. I know that I have.

Sidenote: We use Wix here at Atsap!

Creating a user-friendly app maker seems to be something that is much needed in the tech community.

Look at it this way: If you aren’t a tech nerd or know how to code, how the hell can you possibly bring your idea to life without paying some genius (like the fine people at Atsap) to create it for you?

According to data from Wix, store owners with their own native mobile apps see an average increase of 162 percent in transactions per site while fitness businesses see an average increase of 510 percent in services booked per site on mobile.

Wix is also making things easier for their current website customers: the tools and layouts from your current site with Wix will seamlessly translate over to the app version. Very nice of Wix to do so.

SVP of mobile, app market and strategic products at Wix, Ronny Elkayam, had this to say:

"This release is another step in our native mobile app strategy making sure users can create custom iOS and Android apps as easily as they create custom websites. The Branded App is a major addition to the Wix offering, enabling business owners to have another medium to activate their brand. We are happy to equip any type of business owner or service provider with the native mobile experience they need to enhance their customers' experience, grow their businesses and ultimately compete with today's biggest brands."

Branded App (that’s the official name) by Wix will run users $200 a month. Seems steep, but comparatively, perhaps not so much. The announcement of this technology seems to take out the middleman. I would not be shocked if more developers followed suit.

Check out this video below provided by Wix. It should give you a better general understanding of how it works!


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