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Apple Upset with Charger Mandate Across the Pond.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The European Union announced some GROUNDBREAKING news roughly a week ago: that Apple will have to conform and adopt the same chargers that all run of the mill corporations churn out for the public.

While this doesn’t mean Apple will suffer and falter in the future, it is still big, big news.

One of Apple’s go-to schemes in the past was to always switch their charger up.

Draw your own conclusions but I myself cannot think of one plausible reason to do so other than to incentivize people to buy their new phones.

Brilliant plan on their part. However, in Europe, it seems to no longer be possible.

How much longer before this comes across the ocean to the USA? My hope: as quickly as possible.

I mean why not? Don’t we all have the same gas tanks for our cars? Apple and their phones will still stand out from the rest of the pack. That will not change.

Apple responded to the news with what you would expect: some typical rambling about how the law may lessen their ability to innovate.

“We remain concerned that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and around the world,” Apple said in a statement.

Wa Wa Wa. The world will go on. And Apple will remain on top.


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