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The Apple Convention

A noteworthy Apple Event took place last week on April, 20.

Let’s dive into what was announced:

The “iPad Pro”: I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what the difference is here. It looks the same. Apple claims the iPad Pro now has 5G capabilities, but 5G still sucks and has a long way to go.

Apple tv 4K: Apple announced an enhanced remote for their TV. The already sleek-looking remote will now have siri capabilities. This should help out a lot of people who struggle with tech.

AirTag: This is pretty cool. Apple has come out with a device that will aid individuals who are prone to losing things. AKA me. I need to get a few of these ASAP. I am sure all of my family members would concur.

Anyways, this AirTag thing is so simple but makes so much since. If you have a set of keys you don’t want to lose or even a bag, just purchase and then attach your AirTag to them. Your item’s location will then always be stored in your iPhone (similar to find my iPhone), thanks to AirTag. AirTag enables you to know how many feet you are away from finding your item. No more praying to St. Anthony.

iMac: Different colors. But more importantly, super super super thin. Check out the pictures. I feel like Apple is almost maxing out their products from a design perspective. Like, this seems to be as thin as it can get. Any more thin would be too thin, in my humble opinion.

iPhone 12: Now in Purple. I cannot lie, there is something enrapturing about this color iPhone. I dig it.

Do yourself a favor and click the link I have provided below for a more in-depth overview of the release of these new products:

Apple really is taking over the world. What don’t we depend on Apple for? There’s a lot to like about Apple. As previously stated, I own many Apple products. I do hate, however, how Apple always seems to change one element of a product to make you have to buy a new one. Take the chargers, for instance. What the hell! Every two years it seems like they churn out a new charger to make you spend another grand on that new device. That shit ain’t cool. Besides that, I am an Apple fan.

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