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5 of the Top Software Developments in the last 5 Years

In no particular order..

1- Apple AirPods: The evil geniuses are at it again. Remember when Beats by Dr. Dre headphones were all the rage about a decade ago? Sure, their sound quality may outweigh AirPods. But Apple has managed to take over the earphone game.

AirPods are undeniably sleek. How could you ever return to working out or running with a chord bouncing up and down and sometimes even disconnecting from your phone? I know I can’t.

AirPods have become commonplace in corporate America. One can understand why. You can field phone calls from them with ease. The noise cancelation attribute of the AirPod Pros make them that much more enticing. This technology is arguably still in its beginning stages but has already become a major hit.

2- Tesla: Say what you want about Elon Musk, but the technology that Tesla has proven capable of with their electric cars is nothing short of groundbreaking.

I was at the car shop the other day, and (much to the mechanic’s dismay), I was flat-out told that the engine technology for normal automobiles is simply no longer being developed. All of the focus has shifted in the direction of electric batteries.

The future is electric. And Tesla’s battery and technological capabilities are far beyond anyone else's. Heck, for a large sum of money you can even update your software in your Tesla to have the car drive itself! Pretty cool.

3- Digital Currency: While we have not fully switched over yet, Digital Currency has come to the forefront in many fashions over the past five years

Digital Currency takes form in a variety of ways. One being cryptocurrency. Not so long ago Bitcoin was made out to be a fad. Look at it now.

Even Facebook (I’m sorry, Meta) introduced Libra. Libra is a type of Digital Currency developed by Meta. The currency can be used to buy goods online and to transfer securely to both friends and family.

Once digital currency gets backed internationally, the sky is the limit. While it is understandable that there are those out there that may be hesitant to buy in, it seems that this is the future. Going digital has many advantages. Financial safety is a big one.

4- Augmented and Virtual Reality: While AR & VR haven’t hit their stride just yet, look for them to in a big way within the coming years. The technological capability is finally here. People once laughed about electric cars. Look at Tesla.

Tim Cook believes that we aren’t far off from the technology fully replacing current computing devices.

Just as we can't be without our smartphones today, perhaps the same will be said about AR & VR in the coming years.

5- AI: Thanks to the ability of computers to delve into algorithms never before thought possible, AI is about to make a huge breakthrough into our society.

We’re already seeing the start with self driving cars. The possibilities are endless. Soon, machines will be able to act as if they’re humans. The result, more preciseness and effectiveness.

A robotic machine could be performing your open heart surgery before too long.

While one could make the argument that AI’s progression will eventually lead to the loss of job opportunities for humans, I believe we are a long way away from that just yet.


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