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Facebook: Entering into the Metaverse?

Big news on the horizon: Facebook apparently plans to rename itself.

Yes, you heard the above correctly. Check out the article below. The point? To focus on the metaverse. While not official yet, it is expected that Mr. Zuckerberg could make the announcement as soon as October 28th.

This is big, big news. When is the last time a tech player as big as Facebook has flat-out changed their name? Does not happen often. I’m not even doing research to confirm this... because it just simply is not a common occurrence.

As you all know from reading my articles (because obviously you religiously read each and every one) and the news (if you don’t live under a rock), Facebook has been under some substantial heat lately. This heat primarily has been deriving from the whistleblower situation that I covered not so long ago. ATTACH PREVIOUS ARTICLE HERE.

This development seems to actually be in the works. Check out this CNN article below. The article, in sum, states that Facebook is hiring 10,000 people over in Europe to focus on creating their metaverse. Wawawewa.

"As we begin the journey of bringing the metaverse to life, the need for highly specialized engineers is one of Facebook's most pressing priorities," Facebook executives Nick Clegg and Javier Olivan wrote in a statement.

In short, a metaverse is a computer-generated environment where people can interact with each other using AR, VR and other technologies.

The development has already been met with some backlash. Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted out his opinion that the potential rebranding and focus on the metaverse seemed to come across as “Dystopian”.

This stuff doesn’t get leaked unless Facebook wanted it to be.

Thoughts? It seems we may know more within the next week or so. Regardless of your initial opinion, this development could be a real game-changer.

Check back in the coming days once further plans are laid out.


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