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Cyber Security Fails

Check AHT this cool article about the biggest tech fails of 2021, compliments of CNN:

While it could most definitely be argued that we are making unprecedented strides in the technological realm, that doesn’t mean screwups don’t exist.

Look at the list yourself. Massive mishaps and breaches at big-time corporations. As we have written about time and time again on this blog, perhaps there has never been a bigger premium on technological security. AKA cyber security.

Hacking is no Bueno. And as our lives increasingly mesh into one with technology, cyber security should be an absolute priority.

Cyber security professionals may be the most sought-after employees of the future. (Good future article idea).

It will be intriguing to see the measures companies (and perhaps the government) take to combat these mishaps from occurring. More articles to come in the coming days. Ho Ho Ho.


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